Who is Textelier? 

Hi! It's me, Patricia. Otherwise known as @almostricia on most social media platforms. 

Is it "The Textelier" or just "Textelier"?

Well, we're glad you asked! It's just Textelier. We want to keep synonymous with our definition. Like the Beyoncé of fashion blogs, right? RIGHT? 

How do you pronounce "Textelier"? 

Think of the most beautifully chic French woman of 2017. So like, Jeanne Damas or something. Now think of her in a Breton-stripe, 100% cotton sweater and a navy wool beret. Or swap it for an Isabel Marant cotton gauze top. You know which one. Now picture her riding her bike home along the Seine on a late Tuesday afternoon with her little basket full of goodies from her local marché. Now she's back at her beautiful townhouse/ loft space fully reminiscent of Jacquemus' actual studio. She walks up the curved staircase while checking her phone for sweet nothings from her lover. Just kidding. She's a modern woman. She's sending the sweet nothings. 

Now combine the words "text" and "atelier" together and say it in her ridiculously sexy raspy voice. No, not like that. Yes, like that. Now that's how you pronounce Textelier. 

Textelier is an online workshop bringing together text and textile.
— Established 2017