Textelier was founded on the principle that what you wore and what you stood for are intrinsically interconnected and can stand for what you most passionately believe in. 

   I started Textelier to bury the misconception that expressing an interest, or dare I even say, a passion for fashion rendered one inherently vapid or vain. I want to share the intricacies and the meticulous detail of the industry. I want to showcase the philosophy and art in the pieces. But most importantly, I want to tell people that loving something based on how it makes you feel is essential, no matter the preconceived convention of its transience.


Welcome to The Discovery Series. Here, we showcase the latest things that have made us feel good. Be it music, literature, art... Whatever. These things matter, no matter how little other people think they ought to. 

This is a quick and by-far no means a comprehensive guide. But to keep up with the times, each series gets archived in a single post at the end of every month, so if you've missed out on last month's Discovery Series, catch it in our WRITING section!


Discover march 2018



Mood Weekly NO. 14

This is by no means curated and more so just a jumble of whatever deserves a good, long listen. Also, if you haven't heard yet, Oh Wonder's new album is coming out in July 14th. So there's that. 

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Have you had enough resort season yet?

Carolina Herrera Resort ’18

Carolina Herrera Resort ’18

Leandra, aka my fairy-godmother who just doesn't know it yet, put out a great piece about the onslaught of resort season and what it means aesthetically and maybe more importantly, fiscally.  If you thought that S/S and F/W were the only big hitters in the industry, you thought wrong. 

Fashion and finance? Count us in. 

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Mental health is some real sh*T y'all

Sunlight in a Cafeteria (1958) by Edward Hopper

Sunlight in a Cafeteria (1958) by Edward Hopper

This month, we've been paying extra attention to mental health. And not in that "holistic-crystal-zen-chakra-kale-powder" wellness bull-honkey. Read our friendly, comprehensive-enough guide to psychiatric medications and gain a lil more wisdom!

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Season 2 of Master of NOne has us listening to pino

When Dev does Italy, he does it well. Not only has the cinematography of season 2 has us tripping the eff out, the writing has us inwardly cringe-relating and outwardly cough-laughing out loud. Bonus, the soundtrack is ridic. We love it.

Trailer for Master of None Season 2 here.

Soundtrack here!